As an early lover of comic books, I take sequential storytelling and storyboarding to a sophisticated level with knowledge of schools, culture and the great masters of drawing.

“Comics like the Hulk were my favorite, and instilled a love of art in me as a young man. I now find myself looking more to artists like Durer and Brangwyn for inspiration when I go on location to draw and create storyboards for film, television and animation.”

My clients include 3M, Draft fcb, Jib Jab Media and E & J Gallo Winery among others. I am fluent in Spanish, Dreamweaver and Flash. I have exhibited at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The London Regional Art Gallery, Gallery 1482 and the Tres Gallery in Brooklyn, NYC.


Animation, Storyboard Art, Concept Design, Illustration, Digital Photography, Storytelling, And Reportage Drawing.