A Drawing of My Abuelo

One Drawing a Day, that’s 365 drawings in a year. Not bad, it’s fortunate for my colleagues and I that we love to draw. As reportage artists, Illustrators, designers, photographer, film makers and painters we love to think with our hands.

The drawing for today speaks for itself. That’s my Grandpa, he has the thousand yard stare. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without him. He is as close to my beginning as I will ever know. We don’t have the long lineage story of how we came to be where we are.

He grew up in Dominican Republic, met my Grandma, had 11 kids and came to America. The past is not something he has ever been interested in talking about but who he is and what he has done is sufficient. Happy Father’s Day abuelo.

Eddie Peña

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  1. Veronica Lawlor

    I love this drawing of Grandpa, he looks just like you describe him – old school class! – Ron

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