I’m Back!

Embarking on this blogging journey (do they still call it blogging?) many years ago was a collaborative effort with a remarkable group of friends, all brimming with talent. Our initial aim was to carve a niche in the vast realm of internet searches, and to a considerable extent, we succeeded. However, as time unfolded, my enthusiasm for regular posting waned, burdened by the demands of crafting meaningful content and the intricate decision-making process.

Now, I find myself reinvigorated and ready for a fresh start, ready to reignite my passion for drawing and sharing it with others. The theme that resonates with me for the coming year is “persistence.” While I may not commit to the rigidity of posting every day, my commitment lies in the dedication to consistently share my thoughts and ideas throughout the year. It’s a pledge to return to the blogging sphere with renewed vigor and a steadfast determination to contribute meaningfully to the online discourse. So here goes nothing, my first post of 2024.


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